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I’m not your everyday animator.

With over 25 years of animation experience and a design background fashioned at the Art Center College of Design, I conceptualize and produce unique contemporary work that is outstanding and stands out. If you are looking for cookie-cutter animation work, you will have to go elsewhere.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, like every other form of animation, should have a feeling, a look, and yes, an emotion. 

Motion graphics, or Mographs, is animation that uses text as a major component. But it’s a lot more than mere titles.

Explainer Videos

Bob knows nothing about Explainer Videos. Though he sees them all the time, he hasn’t a clue. He doesn’t even remember what those videos were selling, or any aspect of the video that was trying to inform or educate him.


Who you gonna call?

If you think we might be a good fit, call me, email me, Zoom me, Skype me, reach out in any way you want so that you can tell me more about your company and project. 

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