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Motion graphics, like any animation, should evoke emotions and convey a specific look. By integrating AI, I can enhance creativity and efficiency. Mographs, which primarily use text, go beyond mere titles with AI. It dynamically adapts to user preferences, streamlining design and creating personalized experiences.

AI benefits include generating unique visual effects, automating repetitive tasks, and suggesting design elements based on trends and emotional tones. I can focus even more on artistic aspects while AI handles efficiency. The result? More expressive, impactful motion graphics that resonate deeply with viewers.

These are not always just words that support an image; they can actually play a much bigger role in production. While some videos use motion graphics to support other visuals in a scene, many videos use only motion graphics to deliver a message on their own.

What font is used, what version of the font, how it’s animated, how it appears on the screen and disappears, and a combination of all of the above are just some of the elements that go into creating motion graphics.

Bold type can indicate anger, heaviness, or, well, boldness.

Italicized fonts can give you a sense of speed.

And so on…

Motion graphics is not just the use of type; it’s the use of boxes, rules, photos, video, and other graphics. On their own or in conjunction with type, graphic elements are a big part of motion graphics.

AI has revolutionized the creation of motion graphics by automating complex animations and providing intelligent design suggestions. Advanced AI algorithms can analyze the content and suggest appropriate fonts, color schemes, and animation styles, saving designers a significant amount of time. AI-driven tools can also optimize the timing and sequence of animations, ensuring that the motion graphics effectively convey the intended message and emotion.

Thanks to AI-powered computer software like Adobe After Effects, motion graphics, like all other forms of animation, are a lot easier to design and animate. After Effects is a powerhouse tool for creating amazing Motion Graphics. In addition to the ability to create and animate elements on your own, AE has a lot of built-in animation presets that help you animate amazing graphics. Also, you can use plugins that feature pre-animated elements and prefab templates that have all of the animation done; all you need to do is insert the copy you want. Plugins and templates can be fast but not always easy; you have to have a good amount of experience working with them to understand how to fine-tune them and achieve the right look, feel, and, yes, emotion that you want.

I’m an expert in the production of Motion Graphics for:

  • Explainer Videos 
  • Social Media Videos
  • Corporate Videos 
  • TV Commercials 
  • Music Videos
  • Intros/Outros
  • Presentations


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